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Help Us Advocate for Stronger Ordinances!

The Knoxville Animal Welfare Alliance is advocating for changes to the City of Knoxville animal welfare codes to ban the unsupervised tethering of dogs throughout the City of Knoxville.

The impacts of constant tethering (chained or connected to a run line) have a detrimental impact on the physical and psychological health of dogs. In addition to their own suffering, unsupervised tethering can also be very dangerous in certain circumstances, at times leading to accidental choking and hanging. Furthermore, tethering dogs lead to aggressive behavior toward others, strains city resources better used for other purposes, and create nuisance issues for neighbors. 

We need your help advocating to City of Knoxville City Council members to support the changes mentioned above and pass them into the City's current animal control ordinances. Please visit the "Contact Your Councilperson" tab to email your support for these efforts. 

What is the KAWA?

Knoxville Animal Welfare Alliance is a group of concerned citizens advocating for improved animal laws in Knoxville, Tennessee, specifically advocating for a ban on unsupervised tethering and other improvements to animal laws. We hope you'll join us in supporting our efforts by advocating to your City Council members!

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