What to Mention in Your Email

When emailing your city council member as well as all three at-large members, it's important to craft your own message borne of your own concerns. In addition, it's important to include specific information within your email regarding the changes to city code you are advocating for.

Here are some specific points to emphasize in your email(s):

  • Please be polite and courteous when emailing with elected officials

  • Identify yourself as a City of Knoxville resident and taxpayer. For your specific council member, please identify that they are your representative on council. Identifying your district is not required when emailing at-large council members.

  • Summarize why you are advocating for the changes to city code supported by the Knoxville Animal Welfare Alliance

  • Have you personally witnessed an animal who is tethered (chained or restricted in movement without being monitored by their owner)? If so, consider explaining what you have seen and the impact you believe it is having on the animal.

  • MORE?